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Champion Trap Accessories


Oscillating Base                                                 Price: $319

Champion Oscillating Base


For use on EasyBird Auto-Feed, 6-Packer and Doubles traps.

Can also be mounted to a Bowman Supermatch One.

Features & Benefits

40913 Easybird Auto-Feed Oscillating Base

Wobble Base                                                                                           Price: $319

Champion Wobble Base

Champion's EasyBird® trap throwers increase the challenge to the everyday trap enthusiast. Ideal for back-forty shooting and lengthy practice sessions with friends, the EasyBirds handle high-volume throwing with ease. The new Easybird Wobbler vertically oscillates for a variety of flight paths and its flawless operation continues its reign as "King of the Air."

Features & Benefits

45324 Easybird Wobbler

Wheelybird and Workhorse Wobble Base (40924)         Price - $319

Wheelybird and Workhorse Wobble Base (40924)

Compatible with Champion Wheelybird (40909),  Wheelybird 2.0 (40925) and Workhorse (40916)

Automatically Moves Trap Up/Down and Left/Right

Trap Taxi                                                            Price: $159.95

Champion Trap Taxi                                        

Need to move your trap around? No problem, Champion has you covered with the Trap Taxi - a specially designed pull trailer that holds a variety of traps including the SST, 180-sporter and EasyBird Auto-Feed traps. Hook it up to your ATV, small tractor, or pull it yourself to make your trap even more portable.


Features & Benefits

40261 Trap Taxi

Workhorse Trap Taxi                                       Price: $64.95

Champion Workhorse Taxi

Take the WORKHORSE® Trap virtually anywhere with the WORKHORSE® Trap Taxi. The adjustable launch angle moves anywhere from 0° - 30° for a customizable shooting experience.

Features & Benefits:

40922 Workhorse Taxi

Single Remote Release                                  Price: $99.95

Champion Remote Trap Release                   



Take your shooting to the next level with remote releases from Champion® Traps & Targets. Whether it's the single or double release system, these handheld remotes allow shooters to expand their shooting positions and improve their skills. By getting away from the thrower, shotgun enthusiasts can better prepare themselves for skeet, trap, sporting clays or actual hunting situations. These remote systems provide target release from a single trap (single remote system) or from two traps (double remote system) such as the Champion EasyBird® automatic traps (AutoFeed, 6-Packer and Doubles), SST® and 180-Sporter trap throwers.

Features & Benefits

45325 Single Remote Release

Wireless Remote                                              Price: $84.95

Champion Wireless Remote


Wireless Remote with delay timer. 

40923 Wireless Remote