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Federal 3rd Degree Turkey


3rd DegreeTM

Federal Premium® 3rd DegreeTM changes what hunters should demand from a turkey load. Not just a tight-pattern that looks good on paper-a deadlier, more forgiving load for real hunters who need to kill gobblers at any range.

As turkey loads have been engineered to pattern more tightly and reach farther, they have also become less forgiving at close range, leading to missed birds. 3rd DegreeTM uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload and the exclusive FLITECONTROL® wad to deliver forgiving, lethal patterns whether a gobbler is standing 10 yards out-or 50-plus. It's the most versatile turkey load we've ever produced.

A payload made up of 20 percent No. 6 FLITESTOPPER® pellets, 40 percent copper-plated No. 5 lead and 40 percent HEAVYWEIGHT®, combined with the FLITECONTROL® produces forgiving, deadly patterns throughout the range spectrum.

3rd Degree Turkey