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Atlas Accessories

Magazine Kit


Magazine Kit

The magazine extension kit gives you 20 extra clay targets so you can spend more time shooting and less time reloading. It increases your Atlas Trap capacity from 50 to 70 clay targets and is compatible with the Patriot and AT50.

ATA/Oscillating Base

ATA/Oscillating Base

Increase your skill to a higher level by firing at random targets. Enhance your target presentations with the ATA/oscillating base. Automatically moves side-to-side for a varied target presentation and to simulate ATA trap shooting. Equipped with an on/off toggle switch in case you want to practice a fixed shot.

• Oscillates trap side-to-side
• Conforms to ATA standards
• On/Off toggle switch
• Powered by 12 volt battery
• Interrupter available

Wobble Base

Wobble Base

Increase your skill to a higher level by firing at random vertical and horizontal targets. Converts your AT50 or AT250 to a wobble trap. A wobble trap will add the element of surprise and make clay shooting more challenging. Its like having 5 traps in one.

• Oscillates trap side-to-side
• Wobbles up and down
• Left/Right angles conform to ATA standards
• On/Off toggle switch for each direction
• Powered by 12 volt battery
• Interrupter available

Tri-Axis Wobble Base

Tri-Axes Wobble Base - AT50, AT250

We are proud to present the world's only automated tri-axes wobble base. This one-of-a-kind accessory incorporates all the features of our standard wobble platform with the added dimension of tilt. When mounted to this unit, your trap machine will simultaneously and automatically be moving left to right, up and down and tilting left to right for a countless variety of target presentations. With the added component of tilt, curling targets will be a consistent part of the target mix, adding a whole new dimension, and new challenges, to the clay shooting experience.

•Oscillates trap side-to-side
•Wobbles up and down
•Tilts (canting) left and right for curling targets
•On/Off toggle switch for each direction
•Left/Right angles conform to ATA standards
•Interrupter available
•Powered by 12 volt battery

Magazine cover

Magazine cover - AT250

Keep your clays dry and protect them from shot with the hard plastic magazine cover. The color is light gray so it won't attract heat and melt your clays. Fits directly over magazine. A must for rainy climates.

Foot Release

Foot Release

A must for one man practice! Use this durable steel switch to throw targets with the tap of your foot.

• Allows the shooter to release birds while keeping both hands on the gun
• Heavy duty design
• Simply plug in and shoot
• For use with any Atlas Trap
• Comes with 25' cord

2" Receiver Hitch Mounting Bracket


2-Wheeled Cart 

2-Wheeled Cart

Tote your trap wherever you want. Designed to be pulled by an ATV or moved around by hand, the cart is a must for portability! The pneumatic tires provide a soft ride over rough terrain.

• Pneumatic rubber tires with ball-bearing wheels
• Battery box
• Heavy-duty welded steel frame
• Pin-type hitch

Solar Panel

Atlas Solar Panel

Solar charger to keep your battery charged. This is a must for machines mounted in trap or skeet houses. Simply hook to battery and leave it, it will not overcharge

Tilting Base

Atlas Tilt Base

Equally tilt trap left or right 30 degrees for curling targets. Compatible with Patriot, AT50 and AT250.

110V Power Converter

Atlas Power Converter

Converts 110 volt to 12 volt power, eliminating the battery. Requires 110 volt, 20 amp service. This is a great option for trap, skeet and anywhere there is a 110 volt power outlet.

Wireless Foot Release

Atlas Wireless Foot Release

All of the benefits of the Wireless Release combined with the Foot Release.

Other Accesssories:

Soft Cover - Protect your Atlas trap with our water-proof and sweat-proof cover. Fits all traps and has a bungee cord drawstring at the bottom.

Interrupter - Random timer interrupter saves battery life and changes position after every shot. Used in competition ATA trap shooting, the interrupter will randomly interrupt the side-to-side pattern of oscillation for a completely random target presentation that is impossible to anticipate. The interrupter will conserve battery usage by not allowing the ATA base to run for more than 6 seconds. This item can be added to the ATA and wobble bases. The wobble base can use just 1 interrupter or add 2 interrupters for more random presentations. The interrupter is already included in the ATA-AT400 and AT400 wobble trap.

Wireless Release - The single button key fob transmitter can fire the trap 75+ yards away allowing you freedom to get away from the machine to throw across water or incoming shots. Complete and ready to use. Just plug it into your trap, clip to trap's 12-volt battery and you're ready to go. The wireless receiver is mounted in a NEMA water-resistant case.

• Allows shooter to release targets 75+ yards away
• Operates one trap
• Plug and play with any Atlas Trap
• NEMA water resistant case
• Transmitter uses small 12 volt battery - included
• No dip switches to set