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Bowman Accessories

Multi Clay Inserts Mini and Midi

Easy to fit & held with one bolt.  Can be fitted in any combination and any quantity in six or eight multi-stack carousel.

Bowman Midi & Mini Clay Inserts

Midi Stack Insert

The Midi Stack Insert to enable throwing of midis - for use with all multi stack models.

Radio Release System

The Radio Release System enabling you to operate the trap from up to 200 meters away and is available for use with all automatic traps.  The unit is also available with voice release.

Tilt Base

Tilt base will tilt up to 40° left and right and is suitable for all multi stack automatic traps (excluding Supermatch Rabbit/Chondel)

Tilt and Turn Base

Tilt and turn base will rotate 360°, side tilts 40° left and right and is ideal for use in towers.  This base fits all multi stack automatic traps (excluding Supermatch Rabbit/Chondel).

Mini Barrow for Supermatch One

Made specifically for the Supermatch One as an optional extra.

Bowman Mini Barrow

Compact Low Profile Barrow
Low profile barrow is compact. The handles can be removed for easy transportation. It weighs only 12Kg and being low to the ground, this barrow is perfect for those that don’t want to see the trap. (Shown with standard tires)

Quad Barrow

Quad barrow has been designed for towing behind any vehicle with a tow ball. The quad barrow allows you to couple up to six traps in a line, and then position each trap as required so simplifying set up. Please note that the wheels are only for 20 miles per hour maximum speed.

All Terrain Tires

All terrain wheel and tires for all barrows are available and are perfect for moving traps around rough terrain. These tires are more puncture resistant than the standard tires.

Battue Double Rise Conversion Kit

The battue double rise conversion kit is available for use with all Bowman multi stack traps.  Fitted quickly and easily, you then have the option of throwing standard clays or battues from one trap.  Also enables you to simultaneously throw two battues off the same arm.

Battue Double Rise Conversion Kit

Optional Arm for Supermatch Rabbit Chondel

This alternate arm is an optional extra for the Supermatch rabbit Chondel, allowing elevation from 45 degrees to true vertical.

Oscillating Base

The base simply fits onto the existing barrow with the Supermatch One fastened onto the base.  With a flick of a switch, the base moves left and right, operating on the same battery as the trap.  The spread of targets can be easily changed with a simple adjustment.  This base is also compatible with the Supermatch Six.

Bowman Trap Oscillating Base

Wobble Base

Can be mounted to Supermatch 6, 8 and Sporting Double.  Provides trap with horizontal and vertical oscillation.  Comes with free radio release.  



Types A and B are made from hard wearing black neoprene strips. Type A is for single traps, type B is for double rise traps. Type C is for Automatic traps and uses orange P.P.E. strips.