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Crazy Quail Quad

Crazy Quail Quad

The Quad

Our initial product offering "The Quad" is the first of its kind. A completely mobile target throwing system unlike anything you've ever seen. Our base rotates 360 degrees and allows you to put up to 4 target throwing machines of most any brand on it. With its included wireless remote, you can throw targets in ALL different directions giving you unlimited target presentations which is the best kind of practice for real live bird hunting.

Our galvanized steel base is heavy duty to the max. We've built this machine to live outdoors. Why should you and your buddies need to go to your local gun club to have a fun time with a shotgun? Just roll out The Quad onto a field and you have an instant good time.

Already have your own target throwing machines? No problem! Just buy our rotating base and put your machines on it.

Don't have any machines? That's perfect! We are an Authorized MEC Reseller and can set you up with the full system to your exact specifications.

The Quad is currently available and shipping to all continents. There is currently a 2 to 3 week lead time.

This Crazy Quail machine is the perfect machine for your gun club, backyard or upcoming event! Everyone simply loves shooting Crazy Quail

Technical Specs

Size (varies per thrower)
Length 96"
Width 96"
Height 72" (machine angle changes height)
Weight 1500lbs. (Weight varies depending on thrower model)

Throwers (varies per mechanical adjustments)

Chandelle 30° to 60°
Sporter -25° to 25°
Spinning Platform 0° to 360°

Communication Range

Distance between Gateway and Machine (Urban Range Line of Sight) Max 1.5 Miles
Distance between Gateway and Machine (Rural Range Line of Sight) Max 9 Miles
Distance between Gateway and Machine (Indoor Range) Max 300 Feet


Throwers 3 x (12V100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery) (Included). Charger not included. 10A fast charger recommended.
Gateway 3.7V 1750mAh LiPo Micro USB Charger included.


Quad Custom PCB Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3, 32-bit 84MHz, 16MHz crystal, 512KB Flash, 256kb EPROM, Micro SD card, RTC, 900MHz RF. Arduino compatible.
Gateway Custom PCB Simblee ARM Cortex-M0, 16MHz crystal, 32KHz precision crystal, 256kb EPROM, Micro SD card, BLE. Arduino compatible.


Throwers 2 Year Factory WarrantyMay vary per thrower manufacturer.Lifetime warranty on one-way bearings and main shaft on all MEC machines, excluding 100E series.
Quad Base & Electronics 1 year full coverage warranty.