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Gunsmithing Shipping Procedures

The requested gunsmithing service will be performed professionally by the experts at Briley Manufacturing in Houston, TX.

Please follow the below instructions carefully:

1) You will need to ship your firearm / part to Lawry Shooting Sports.

2) Carefully package your firearm / part inside of an appropriately sized cardboard box. Do not use PVC pipe.

3) Attach an envelope to the outside of the package with a document inside that contains the following info:
• Your contact info
• Your return address
• A description of the work requested

4) Ship your firearm / part to us via Canada Post or a courier of your choice. (Yes, its legal)

Mailing Address (Canada Post)

Lawry Shooting Sports Inc
Box 2153
Caledonia, ON
N3W 2G6

Physical address (Couriers)

Lawry Shooting Sports Inc
25 Industrial Drive
Caledonia, ON
N3W 1H8

5) We will then forward your firearm / part down to Briley, the work will be performed and then they will ship your barrels back to us under our licensing.

6) You will be contacted by Lawry Shooting Sports with the total of your bill. We charge the same price as what is listed on Briley's website (converted to Canadian Dollars) plus all the shipping charges. The exact shipping cost varies slightly depending on where you are located and what we are shipping but is generally around $200 for a complete firearm or barrel. You can provide us with your credit card number over the phone or mail us a cheque.

7) After your payment is processed your firearm / part will be shipped back to you. The entire process usually takes about 6 weeks.

Please contact Rick Lawry for technical questions. 877-705-0008 x1