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Lincoln Accessories SC 90E


Yellow Main Spring (SC137) - Up to 60 Yards

Blue Main Spring (SC137BA) - Up to 85 Yards

Red Main Spring (SC137RA) - Up to 100 Yards

*Doubles presentations will reduce throwing distances by 20%

Teal Clips: 

holds target in place for elevated or teal presentations

TCP-110                  TCP-90               TCP-60                  TF-200A


TCP-110 - Set of 2 clips, holds 110mm International Target and 108mm Standard Target

TCP-90 - Set of 2 clips, holds 90mm Midi target

TCP-60 - Set of 2 clips, holds 60mm Mini target

TF-200A - Teal finger, mounts to mainframe. Spring loaded finger pivots out of the way.      
Allows report or following pairs to be done with ease. Holds singles or doubles.

Stands & Adapters:


Seated Stand (95ST) - sturdy steel construction, detachable legs for portability.


Rabbit Adapter (RA-92) - holds machine vertically to throw rabbit presentations. (Shown mounted on SC90/95ST)

Teal Adapter (TA-92) - elevates machine 16" and angles 45° for safer firing position of simulated teal targets. (Shown mounted on SC90/95ST seated trap stand)

Other Adapters Available:

Wobble Base Kit (WB99K) - Multi-position adapter allows SC90/95ST to throw looping, teal & rabbit presentations. Also includes U-94 post adapter.

Fur & Feather Adapter Kit (FF94A) - Adapts a 95ST to mount a bird & rabbit trap.