Family owned and operated since 1974

Mattarelli Wobble

The wobble machine is ideal for ranches, duck and quail clubs, as well as gun clubs. In addition to being a wobble trap you can set it to shoot ATA trap, Olympic Bunker, or use it as a fixed sporting clays machine. The machine reloads and alters its positioning in regards to height and angle in 2.4 seconds, thereby offering an unpredictable launch trajectory every time. It can be set to shoot ATA Trap or used as a fixed Sporting clay machine. The possibilities are nearly endless with a magazine capacity of 400 and optional voice release system (phono pull)!

Release System:
12V release

Machine Base Adjustment:
Electronic: Horizontal (left-right), vertical (up-down).

cm.105 (41.1/4")

Kg. 131 (288 Ibs)

Target Capacity:

Available in 110V A.C. 12V D.C., or 220








Mattarelli Wobble Trap