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MEC 100E Sporter with Tilt Base

100E Sporter with Tilt Base

shown on optional cart

The 100E is our recreational, backyard model. This machine is great addition to any small club looking to add variety or for at home personal enjoyment and practice. The 100E offers many of the features that our larger machines have at a price that can't be beat. The Tilt Base upgrade is included allowing the machine to throw an even greater variety of target presentations.

•Holds 135 standard targets. Midi carousel available in place of standard carousel at no extra charge.
•Genuine 90 yard throwing distance.
•Cycle time of 1.5 seconds.
•Elevates back to 70 degrees, great for Teal target presentations.
•Tilts left and right up to 35 degrees either side of vertical to throw curling targets
•One-year warranty and life-time warranty on main-shaft and one-way bearing.
•Made in the USA.