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Metallic Reloaders


MEC Marksman - $380

MEC Marksman Rifle Reloader

The MEC Marksman® is a single stage metallic reloader. Reload with the ultimate precision press. The MEC Marksman® is made of ductile cast iron for strength and durability and our patented shell holder self-centers each cartridge. The ram provides smoothness and accuracy for every load. Compatible with all 7/8-14 thread dies to change calibers quickly. Reload .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby with one convenient machine.


  • Lower one piece linkage, to reduce any slop or play in the linkages.
  • Primer tray and debris are below the reloading zone allowing for more room.
Note: Dies not included

MEC Marksman Press Mount - $61.95
Additional base for easy installation and is compatible with the MEC Jig Fixture mounting system. The press mount bolts to the press raising it up for better visibility and clearance. Base is also designed to hold reloading dies on the sides, keeping your dies close at hand while reloading.